Michael Bryant

Vice President for Sales for Asia Pacific

Michael Bryant has a 25-year history in the medical device business, focused on sales and promotion for radiofrequency generators and neurosurgical equipment. Michael’s association with the Cosman and Arnold-led management teams started in 1987, and for him the association has been a very rewarding one selling outstanding medical technology. In 1990 Michael Bryant started a medical distribution business in Australia and New Zealand, named TaylorBryant Pty Ltd, with the key product lines produced by Radionics, Inc. Radionics very quickly achieved a dominant position in radiofrequency generators, stereotactic frames, radiosurgical systems, and image guidance systems in the Australian and New Zealand markets. This had a major impact on the medical technology purchased in other Asian markets, due to the influence of numerous Australian physicians willing to travel and teach. Today, Australian physicians continue to foster very good working relationships with many leading Pain Management specialists and Neurosurgeons in Asia and in the USA. In 2006 Michael sold his business to a private Australian equity group. That entity formed a new company called Life Healthcare Pty Ltd., for which Michael was General Manager until 2011. Michael holds several university degrees in physics, chemistry and mathematics, and has outstanding business and management experience in the medical industry, which he intends to use to help grow Cosman Medical’s business in the Asia-Pacific region.


Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific, Cosman Medical, Inc., 2011-present

General Manager, Life Healthcare Pty Ltd., 2006-2011

President and Founder, TaylorBryant Pty Ltd, 1990-2006

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