Cable Organizers

Organize multiple cables and electrodes when treating multiple sites. One model is specialized for use the G4 radiofrequency generator, the other for use with CR disposable injection electrodes.

G4 Cable Organizer (G4-CO)

With five locking tabs labeled to match the ground pad and electrode jacks of the G4 four-output RFgenerator, the G4 cable organizer facilitates the use of multiple electrodes with the G4 four-output radiofrequency generator.  Clip the autoclavable organizer to the table drape to clearly observe which electrode is connected to which generator jack, and to keep sterile electrodes from falling on the floor and being contaminated.  Capture multiple cables at both ends to keep them from twisting.

CR Cable Organizer (CR-CO)

Keep the injection ports and RF cables of up to six CR disposable injection electrodes organized using this convenient device.  Clip the autoclavable organizer to the table drape, connect the CR electrodes, and energize the electrode by moving one or more touch-proof generator cables (CB116) between pins.  Prevent sterile electrode from falling on the floor.  Use with the four-output G4 radiofrequency generator or with the single-output RFG-1A or RFG-1B generators.

Colored Cable Markers

Attach matching colored bands at both ends of each electrode cable so that the cables can be more easily distinguished when used at the same time. This facilitates the use of multiple electrodes at the same time when using the Cosman G4 four-electrode radiofrequency generator. Works in conjunction with the G4 cable organizer.