Intradiscal RF

Electrode kits specialized for accessing the intervertebral disc and targeting intradiscal nerves for radiofrequency treatment of pain.

Bipolar RF Disc Kit

The Bipolar Disc Kit provides a simple means to deliver radiofrequency (RF) intradiscally for the treatment of discogenic pain.  Each kit contains two temperature-monitoring electrodes and two 15 cm or 20 cm introducer cannulae.  Each introducer is 20 gauge to enable access to intervertebral discs which have lost height. Using the bipolar output mode of the Cosman G4 generator, the Bipolar Disc Kit can be used to deliver RF or Pulsed RF between the two electrodes and across the nucleus.

Flextrode Kit

The Flextrode revolutionizes the treatment of discogenic pain. Each kit contains a sterile-packed temperature monitoring electrode and 15cm curved introducer cannula. The highly steerable introducer enables direct placement in the posterior and lateral intervertebral disc, including L5/S1. The robust electrode tip allows for targeted intradiscal heating using the G4 generator’s automatic stepped temperature program.