RF Generators

Universal Radiofrequency (RF) generators for pain management, neurosurgery, and podiatry. Thermal and Pulsed RF. Monopolar and Bipolar RF. Single- and four-electrode models. Integrated nerve stimulator.

Four-Electrode Radiofrequency Generator (G4)

The Cosman G4 radiofrequency generator independently and automatically controls up to four electrodes at once, in monopolar or bipolar mode, with thermal RF or pulsed RF (PRF) output. Multiple independent supplies and patented multi-ouptut technology. With a 12-inch touch screen, wireless remote, patient and doctor presets, electronic record keeping, automatic stagger start, automatic stimulation, your choice of a graphing or “one touch” interface, and large color-coded displays, the G4 is simply the most advanced RF generator ever built.

Radiofrequency Generator for Neurosurgery (RFG-1A)

The RFG-1A is a universal RF generator that delivers both thermal and pulsed RF output. The RFG-1A has simplified controls and presets for both neurosurgical and pain management RF procedures, including pallidotomy, thalamotomy, cingulotomy, cordotomy, DREZ, trigeminal, intradiscal, medial branch, dorsal root ganglion (DRG), and peripheral nerve RF treatments.  Its integrated stimulator operates at 2-200 Hz, with 0.1-3 msec pulse width, for both peripheral and intracranial targets.

Radiofrequency Generator for Pain Management (RFG-1B)

The RFG-1B is a universal RF generator that delivers both thermal and pulsed RF output with automatic temperature control. The RFG-1B is very easy to use and has simplified controls that are specialized for a busy pain management practice, including podiatry.  Its presets support a wide variety of procedures including medial branch lesioning, DRG pulsed RF, intradiscal RF, trigeminal RF, RF cordotomy, DREZ RF, and RF of peripheral nerves like the inferior calcaneal and splanchnic.  Its stimulator has presets for both sensory (50 Hz) and motor (2 Hz) nerves.

Radiofrequency Generator for Podiatry (RFG-1B)

The RFG-1B radiofrequency generator has simplified controls that are ideally suited for podiatry and the treatment of intractable pain from plantar fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma.  The RFG-1B automatically controls the temperature of radiofrequency heat lesions to block pain signals in nerves, such as the inferior calcaneal nerve.  Its integrated stimulator produces a 50 Hz signal to localize the sensory fibers innervating a painful area, and a 2 Hz signal to ensure that nearby motor fibers are spared.  The RFG-1B generator is versatile and very easy to use.